Muzo aka Alphonso & Tonny Breezy Reconcile


After Exchanging blows on Social media, the Kasama Swag Rapper and The Kopala Producer have decided to bury the hatchet. This is evidenced by them now working together on a sequel for Jump Off.

Muzo aka Alphonso and Tonny Breezy have previous not been in good terms particularly after Muzo was alleged to have dissed Tonny Breezy on unreleased song called “Intoni Mbulizi“. The reason behind the song was after Tiye-P threw shots at Muzo on “Jump Off IX“. This made Fresh Boy Music CEO to retaliate by throwing shots on Social Media.

Later on, Muzo released unofficial version of Jump off XIII of which Tonny Breezy trashed and labelled “Degrading”. However, the duo have decided to come together and release the official “Jump Off XIV“. The Jump Off XIV which features Muzo will be released in due time together with “Jump Off XIII”, and “Jump Off XV” featuring “Bombshell” and “Ruff Kid” respectively.