Muzo AKA Alphonso shades King Illest Over Jay-Z & Beyonce Photo Remake


Muzo AKA Alphonso today took an expected swipe at King Illest over the remake photoshoot of Jay Z & Beyonce the rapper posted. This is the first time the Kasama native has aimed at the King of the South.

King Illest and Bombshell recently took photoshoots to remake Jay-Z and Beyonce’s album cover for “Everything Is Love” album. The photo is actually the artwork for King Illest‘s  forthcoming song “Muzike” which features King B herself and drops this Thursday. However, the photos brought some buzz on social media and apparently had Muzo AKA Aphonso pass his own commentary.

In a Quoted tweet, Muzo aka Alphonso highlighted that Zambian artistes should copy and paste their way to the International Scene instead of Photoshoots. Both rappers have never been publicly at odds and King Illest hasn’t responded to the swipe yet.