Muzo aka Alphonso to Finally Respond to Tiye-P



Barely 24hrs after Tiye-P took shots at Kasama Swag’s Finest rapper on “Jump Off Freestyle Verse 9”, Muzo aka Alphonso has also vowed to respond. The rapper announced this on one of his Facebook pages. According to his Facebook post, he will release two diss songs namely “Tiye Mumpili Na Honda” and Intoni Mbuli Nizee” respectively.

The release date of the actual alleged diss songs has not been revealed but the rapper assured his fans its pretty soon.  “Tiye Mumpili Na Honda” was produced by Dj Nyo while “ Intoni Mbuli Nizee” was produced by IMK Afrika.

The beef between Tiye-P and Muzo has been in existence for a couple years despite both rappers being mute about it for a while after Tiye-P dropped a full diss song called “Obituary Ether” last year of which Muzo didn’t respond to. The feud has since been revived as of Yesterday.