Mumba Yachi Officially Bids Farewell to his Ex Wezi



The troubled relationship which has suffered many online speculations has finally been declared over. Like they say everything has got its own time and from the look of things, its time Wezi and Mumba Yachi parted company. The cause of their break has not been openly stated by the two despite rumors of Infidelity by Wezi. It has been established by various gossip blogs that Wezi has been cheating on Mumba Yachi for Kekero. Kekero is one of the fastest rising song writer, Singer and music Producers who is behind the production of “Anajaila Cover” which was done by Wezi, Kantu and Bombshell and many other hit songs by different artists.

Mumba Yachi has since decided to come out of the closet by posting what can only be termed as a “Farewell Message” to his once lover “Wezi”. Below is what he posted on his Facebook page;

Every Era has got an END.
It is that time in our-story we have to take a bow and continue with our separate ways. I am proud of knowing you and the ART we produced together. Those who insulted me because I was with you,can now have their champagne. Like PRINCE I can say;
” I never meant to cause you any sorrow…baby I can never steal you from another”…
I will always respect you Wezi.God bless you. UMUNG’O.”

In response to the allegation, songbird Wezi has retufed the rumour that Kekero is the man in charge Now. Well, keep your fingers crossed and subscribe to our blog for more updates as the drama unfolds.