Meet Chimweka Chileshe The Next Smooth IK



With over 15 years of airing, Smooth Talk has been Zambia’s biggest entertainment talk show with the face of the show being Zambia’s biggest entertainment talk show host, Innocent Kalaluka, but after years of many trying but failing \to replace the legendary IK. There seems to be a fresh and brand new face to ‘smoothly’ replace the legendary presenter.

Meet Chimweka Chileshe, also known as MANIC. Zed Hype Mag editors Dennis M Mwewa and Patience Mumbi Chanda  caught up with the media personality who
shared with us his story.

Chimweka currently hosts 3 late night weekend shows on Radio Phoenix and presents on Diamond TV’s movie review show ‘Film Lite’, show for upcoming artistes ‘Bring It On’ and his flagship talk show ‘On The Table.’ The latter is the show that has given him recognition to the Zambian public and seemingly making him the only competition Smooth Talk legendary presenter smooth IK has, making him Chimweka Chileshe arguably one of the best young presenters in the country right now exhibiting maturity and
professionalism in his interviews.

This is no surprise as Chimweka revealed to us that he has been mentored by ‘The Kings of Talk Shows’, Ambassador Frank Mutubila and the CEO of Diamond TV, Costa Mwansa who are constantly giving him advice on how to develop his shows and presentation skills. He also informed us that he draws inspiration from Trevor Noah, SA’s very own AKA, Media entrepreneur  Chinyota ‘Chi’ Msimuko as well as many people other people who have made it in the media fraternity despite the challenges they were faced with growing their brands.

MANIC began his works in the media in 2008 on a Muvi TV Kids & Teens Breakfast Show while being mentored by the late Augustine Lungu  (may his soul continue resting in perfect peace) making up the first set of presenters of what later became ‘Teen
Fusion’. MANIC had to put his media passion on hold as he went to complete his secondary school education. Soon after completing high school, he auditioned for a youth talk show called ‘The Link’ on ZNBC TV2. He came out first place in the auditions and subsequently became a presenter on the show.

Slightly over a year later, he joined Diamond TV where his career in media professionally begun. He has interviewed local celebrities such as Slapdee, Macky 2, Bombshell, Zedhypemag Editors amongst several others as well as international celebrities like Fally Ipupa, ‘Nigerian based entertainers/funny men disguised as boys Aki and Popo’, Mi Casa, Boity, Maps Mopanyane and many others.

On the Zambian music industry, Chimweka shares a mutual view with Zedhypemag vision that strongly believes that there is so much talent that is undervalued and can break out with proper management and good audience  .

When asked about how he can best contribute to the Industry Manic  pledges to do his very best to ensure local celebrities get enough exposure that will encourage the
locals to appreciate them more. He hopes to see an industry where entertainers get better moral and financial satisfaction for their hard work to sustain them on a full-time basis.
Away from his busy media work schedule and student life at the University of Zambia, in his free time Chimweka loves to listen to a lot of music especially from this site and spend time with close family and friends, but also enjoys his ‘alone time’ as he considers himself an introvert when the cameras are off and the  microphone away from him.

When asked whats next for him- The ambitious Chimweka says he plans on promoting more local talent especially the young up and coming. He also plans on venturing into other media related businesses. He has also slowly started expanding his brand incorporating more current affairs, not just from the social aspect but from the business and political side too. Save your Jaw from dropping if you catch this Down to Earth but ever UP  to something MANIC host political and business shows!

Below are pictures of The passionate and Ambitious Chimweka MANIC Chileshe


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