Media Personality Lulu Haangala Shares Her Success Recipes



Legendary media personality, consultant and 2014 Mandela Washington fellow Lulu Haangala was today celebrating 15 years of being in the media.

In her social media posts she explained how she didn’t have everything from the start but took advantage of the small opportunity she had.
She explained how she had low pay and had to work for long hours but was driven by the passion she had for the job.

Lulu also narrated that her fame and success didn’t come on a silver platter but it took a lot of hard work and focus.
She further advised young people to work hard if they are to achieve their goal.

Lulu is well known for shows like Zed kids, money or box, Dreams and many others, aside from being a media personality she has had various brand endorsements and also known for being a social media influence.