Mampi’s Social Media Hack, Eye Opener to Zambian Celebrities.



Mirriam Mukape popularly known as Mampi “the queen diva”  the “Nyula Yako”  hit maker woke up to an unexpected social media hack approximately five months ago. Her Facebook account, official fan page and Instagram accounts were hacked at the same time by her Arab enemies as reported by a named Zambian website.

Below is are extracts of her hacked Instagram account and Facebook accounts

Mampi’s Hacked Instagram Account





Sadly, till date nothing has been done to retrieve the account despite the hackers being identified. To a public figure like Mampi, numbers matter and its heart breaking to see Mampi getting less than 100 likes on her newly opened Facebook/Instagram accounts.

The question that stands right now is how secure are Zambian celebrities’ accounts? This should definitely serve as a warning and an eye opener to each and every public figure to take security measures with their social media accounts. A word of caution to all celebrated Zambians to kindly avoid using “fake like generators”, sharing passwords with anybody other than their managers and use of devices that are not in their circles.

Mampi isn’t the first Zambian celebrity to be a victim of such an act as other Zambian celebrities reported being victims of a similar act. Zedhype Mag would love to further warn clients and fan of Mampi not to transact without meeting her in person or getting in touch with her manager. Luckily, Mampi has created new Facebook and Instagram face pages although getting less reactions than expected, ZedHype Mag would love to mention and take up the responsibility of sharing the official pages of all Zambian celebrities.