Macky 2 & Tiye-P Crown “K-Star” as their Favorite Zambian MC



HipHop artiste and comic act “K-Star” aka “Mwana Mayardi” is a standout Emcee, MC and Comedian among others. Despite not having a commercially successful music career, the 2wo1ne rapper is regarded one of the Best Emcees and Lyricsts to come out of Zambia.

Recently Alpha Entertainments CEO and fellow rapper “Macky 2” disclosed “K-Star” is actually his favorite Zambian MC.  This could mean favorite Master Of Ceremony or apparently Emcee in context of a rapper. The accolade however didn’t only come from Macky 2 along as it also came from Tiye-P.

Tiye-P’s Instagram Post

This came after Tiye-P posted a cartoon video clip which was voiced Over by K-Star. This attracted Macky 2’s attention who decided to drop the Juice and call K-Star his favourite Zambian MC.