Macky 2 Explains Why “Olijaba” Wasn’t Dropped in June


Multi-Award winning HipHop artiste “Macky 2” recently went live on his Facebook page and addressed why his forthcoming album hasn’t dropped yet. The album, which is titled “Olijaba”, was slated for released last month (June 2021) but it wasn’t released.

According to Macky 2, Zambians are so tense right now and hence its not right time to drop his album.  He further revealed he plans to drop it after August 2021 General Election although there is no actual timeline for it.

Macky 2 recently suffered backlash from his fans after dropping a Political campaign song for PF. Many of his fans even threatened to boycott his album if it was to be released and hence this forced the KMP rapper to push back the release date. Olijaba is poised to be Macky2 last album before he hangs the mic. Watch Video below;


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