Macky 2 Explains Why He Wasn’t Nominated For Ngoma Awards


Macky 2 has finally spoken out on why he was not nominated for this year’s Ngoma Awards in an interview with DJ PMC on Pan African Radio.

Macky 2 said he wasn’t nominated because he didn’t submit his work , he felt he didn’t do much this year and left the awards to other artists he thought were deserving and worked really hard.
Some of the artist he acknowledged saying have worked hard include Yo Maps, T Sean, Chef 187 among others.

He said he wasn’t going to stand for something he knew very well he didn’t deserve.
Macky 2 further advised other artists to work on their social media following and influence saying this makes it people to nominate and vote for you. He also went own to advise award organizers to be more inclusive and not only base an artist’s fan base on social media because certain big songs get left out.

For 2020 Macky 2 said he has a number of projects coming through and some are already in place.

Watch full interview here



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