Macky 2 and Camstar trade Jabs on Social Media


HipHop artists Macky 2 and Camstar today went off at each other on Facebook. The social media confrontation becomes one of the its kind since CapitalC left Alpha Entertainments several years ago.

The confrontation started when Camstar gave public advice to rapper Brawen who seems to have fallen out with Dj H-Mac. The New Age act expressed displeasure on Facebook about how the label was handling his career. Brawen further attributed his absence from social media to the depression he has been battling. This outburst triggered Camstar to offer counsel to the rapper and pointed out the entitlement many uprising artiste have. Camstar also highlighted the positives that D-Hac has done for Brawen such as Executive producing an album for him among others.


However, Camstar’s Facebook post triggered his former label boss Macky 2 who decided to type a paragraph in the comment section. King Bugar pointed out that Camstar was actually the wrong person to give Brawen such counsel as he also did the same when he left Alpha Entertainments. Macky 2 explained that Camstar was ungrateful despite being welcomed at Alpha Entertainments and treating him as family.

CapitalC didn’t hesitate to hit back and refute Macky 2’s assertions and claimed their deal was mutual and beneficial to both of them as he offered him (Macky 2) an audience for his music in Lusaka at that time.

Camstar’s reply



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