Like Yah Lyrics – 94 Gugu, Teazy & The Kicks



Ayo Kicks ayo we finna go to mars mayne

I’ve been tryna work, it’s getting harder and harder, but you know





You know I’m a hard act to follow

Everything I do you know I keep it on the low low

Everybody ask me what the deal is

Suited up I’m all about my business like woah!

Your hating got me MIA [Yah]

this girl just got me MIA [Yah]

This working got me MIA [Yah]

Your boy just feeling MIA Like Yaaah!

[Verse 1: KslayeR ]

Gotta keep it on the low I’m like the SWAT team on stealth mode

Okay let’s bun that

A1 i is that

What I’m serving is pure dope

Real shit no ass crack

Don’t send shots won’t holla back

Cause ain’t nobody got time for that [ain’t nobody got time for that]

[Verse 2: Teazy]

All i do is make time for Raps/

working daily no time for naps/Putting in work they dont see me they miss me/

uhh! yea!  No am not for the club parties/ am too busy so dont call me /go play hommie now please leave me Yea!


[Verse 3: 94 Gugu]

I’m hot dawg [hot dawg]

I done musturd [mastered]

This beef shit

Now I’m finna go vegan

And make it up on the Forbes list

See the way I converse

Y’all little niggas can’t walk a mile up in my converse

My Nigga Jedi on speed dial

Just nine digits then we mars

[Verse 4: Kunkeyani tha jedi]

We mars

We don’t mess with your weak bars

7 days weak/week bars

prison break when we speak  yea

Only the real got my back

Fake friends still fake they don’t know how to act like yaah!