Legendary Maureen Lilanda talks ZMA, Lists Her Top 3 Zambian Songwriters


Music Icon “Maureen Lilanda” sat down with Dj Showstar on his “Hi-5” show where she discussed the issue surrounding the Zambian Music Awards (ZMA) and the industry at large. At the Inception of the interview, Maureen Lilanda admits the Government does not meet their (artists) financial need whenever they are hired to perform for a government function. “We are really under paid as Zambian artists” she admits.

The music icon also emphasized that the lack of better pay has resulted in artists not investing a lot of money in the industry. This has consequently affected the quality of Music Produced and has been sighted as a setback. She also urged Musicians to Join “The Zambian Association of Musicians” in order to know their entitlements and also strengthen the Industry.

When asked about what is happening to Zambian Music Awards, the former ZMA organizer empathized an official statement has not been issued by the Sponsors (Zambian Breweries) in regard to the prospect of the Awards. However she is convinced the awards have not been scrapped off regardless of the chaos that arose during the last awards. Maureen Lilanda also said a lot of Money shouldn’t be attached to awards since they merely serve as a token of appreciation.

She ended her interview by Listing her Top 3 new school and old school songwriters namely; Exile (Izreal), Chali Bravo, Wezi (New School). When it comes to old school musical artists, PK Chishala, Mulemena Boys and Anna Mwale top her list of favorites.

Maureen Lilanda is also disclosed being signed to Sony Music South Africa under Rockstar Band and highlighted she is will be releasing a new project soon. Watch full interview below!