La’wino & Dj Kandeke Trade jabs on Social Media!



Music act and former Flay Jay‘s manager “La’wino” today ignited a social media firestorm when he went off at Dj Kandeke. The rapper this morning publicly discredited Dj Kandeke as Yo Maps’ manager and labelled him not fit for the Job.

According to La’wino, Dj Kandeke is all over the place which shouldn’t be the case for a manager. He further emphasized that Yo Maps has the potential to hit the International market and language isn’t even a barrier. Below is what he posted;

This didn’t sit well with Dj Kandeke who wasted no time to retaliate. Dj Kandeke claimed this isn’t La’wino’s fight and he might end up being embarrassed. Below is his response;

Dj Kandeke has been subjected to criticism for his role as Yo Maps‘ career grows. Many argue he doesn’t have what it takes to manage an International superstar while others say they both came along way together and hence he deserves the position.