Lanzee Cooper Says Zambian Music been on Decline Since Change of Govt


Top Notch Zambian music Videographer “Lanzee Cooper” says Zambian Music has been on the decline especially since the Change of Govt in 2021. Lanzee Cooper who featured on Yatu Vibes hosted by PMC on Prime TV gave an insight about the state of Zambian Music.

According to him, Zambian music isn’t progressing very well because of lack of Support from Govt. The Industry lacks professionalism and direction among the artistes themselves is also another factor. He also highlighted that the gate Keepers who are supposed to speak for the Industry are just interested in their personal gain.
Even the artistes who are supposed to push the Industry, they go outside and badmouth other artistes..” he pointed out.

Director Cooper also says he charges $1000+ for any person working with him. He also pointed out he supports Yo Maps charging K40000+ for features because that’s the direction artists should go if the Industry is to progress.


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