L.T, The Face Behind The Music


L.T real name Litia Kabechani is undeniably the promising face of African music. As recently described by X-plod Entertainment C.E.O Mr. Chileshe Nkhamba,“a talent hard to ignore”.

Having taken a break the past few years as said by him to work on his production skills, it appears the 26yr old rapper, singer, producer song-writer has done enough hand rubbing and is ready to blow the dust off his Mic. Admitting to speculations of turning down record deals from local record labels and questions as to why he hasn’t worked with his Uncle “T.k” owner and C.E.O of Romaside studio’ one of the oldest and most influential record labels to up his name, this is what he had to say in response.

Well, I think we have some very talented people around us first and foremost. I respect everyone that’s reached out to me and trust me these
are people I look up to and always will. It’s just that I feel I’m trying to do the same thing they’re doing. I understand it’s not done overnight and it’s a lot of hard work but I am willing to face the music,*giggles* in a metaphoric sense too. I feel I can be useful to more artists too and it’d be rather selfish to me and others to confine my work to a box knowing very well that I can create opportunities for others also…

His much anticipated single “Teleza” which features Barotse song bird “Lady Mooka” is scheduled for release this May of 2018 on a date not yet announced to the public. He has expressed that the delay was due
to the fact that when they were doing the song he wasn’t sure whether
to put it on the album but after it rolled out he loved the end product and made the decision that it becomes the first single off his “Routed Roots” album.


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