King Of Hearts,Neo Slayer Spends A Night Behind Bars


When he should have been inside the bar or on the stage performing “Love Me At My Worst” the king of hearts Neo slayer had to spend a night in police custody.

On Monday evening the skilled and talented vocalist was  arrested for allegedly blackmailing a Kabanana resident. The Kabanana police were made to believe that the named woman of Kabanana compound had a conversation with Neo Slayer Zambia via his Facebook page that resulted into the named woman sending her indecent pictures to him.

The Scammers behind Neo Slayer’s fake facebook page in return started blackmailing the named woman to send them money in exchange of the scammers not to publicise her nudes to the public. It is allegedly that the named woman sent a K500 to the scammers not once but several times because they kept on demanding for more money and threatening her of releasing her nudes to the public.

Neo Slayer Zambia was released after thorough investigations that confirmed that the named woman wasn’t dealing with Neo but rather his impersonators.

WARNING:Beware of scammers and guide your privacy jealously.

More details coming


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