King Illest to Release New Song Featuring Macky 2


Award winning HipHop artiste “King Illest” has announced the release of his latest single called “Bachende“. The self-proclaimed “King of the South” will feature “Macky 2” on this forthcoming project dropping on 23rd May. 2019.

This is the first time the Tonga spitting rapper collaborates with a local HipHop gaint since his rise to prominence a couple of years ago. In fact the rapper was quoted during an interview with “Diamond TV” that he doesn’t see himself collaborating much with local established artists.

However, it’s now certain that the Trapper has changed his initial plans and we might be expecting a lot more collaborations with local household names in future.

No much detail about the song has so far been revealed except for the release date and the artwork. The song artwork has since stirred social media buzz due to the attire “King Illest” is wearing.



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