King Illest Challenges ‘Zed GOATs’ to lead the Game


King Illest took it to Facebook to speak on the state of Zambian HipHop. In his Facebook post, the award winning rapper charges Zambian HipHop has no time for luxury to  be relaxed as a lot needs to be done.

King Illest drew reference from South African HipHop which is doing extremely fine on the Continent. He further challenged so called “Zed HipHop Goats” to lead the game even amid a pandemic. Although he didn’t mention names, its obvious to know who he was referring to as far top acts in the game are concerned.

This Is A Message To All The So “Called G.O.A.Ts Show Up And Tell Us Whats Next Yall Are The People That Structure The Face Of The Game.!!!” reads part of his post in Caps.