KB & Slapdee Crown “Van Damme” Biggest Song In The Country


Legendary producer “Killer Beats” has stirred a debate on social media after naming “Van Damme” the biggest song in the country. According to the producer, Radio Stations are no longer the determinants for recognizing big songs in the country. He further added that Streets can instead be used to determine that.

This clearly opposes “Tenga” which is sweeping Radio Charts Nationwide. Tenga is Hit song by Kaladoshas and it has been named the “Biggest Song” in the country by Critics but it seems they got it wrong. This is because “Van Damme” by Nez Long featuring “Bobby East” and “Chef 187” is getting massive playbacks on the streets.

The other Artiste to endorse “Van Damme” is Slapdee. The rapper took it to Instagram to crown the song “Biggest Song In the Country”.