Journalist Chanda Chimba Defends Mampi after Mutale Mwanza Trashes Her “Nyula Yako” Song


Veteran journalist Chanda John Chimba defends Mampi over negative remarks made about her new song by radio and television presenter Mutale Mwanza.

Mutale said the new Nyula yako song by Mampi doesn’t make sense to many listeners, she said this as she was hosting one of the biggest breakfast shows in the country.

However Chanda John Chimba has said Mampi is one of the most hardworking artists in this country and it is very unfair for Mutale to disregard the song like that after all the hard work put in producing a song.

Chanda Chimba further advised presenters not to diminish other people’s hard work because they have an opportunity to speak to masses.

You can Download “Nyula Yako” on our Blog!