Jay Rox Responds to Controversy Over alleged Illuminati Symbols in New Video



Headphone Music CEO and Rapper “Jay Rox” recently sat down for a Phone-In Interview with Dj PMC during which he responded to Controversy surrounding his new music Video. The artiste who has been in the Industry for more than 10 years noted that people will always talk and its something he is used to.

The rapper released the music video for King” which had alleged satanic symbols of Baphomet and this raised social media tension and backlash. According to Jay Rox, he is only answerable to God and actually knew the video would raise tension even prior to releasing it. He further said people should conduct research and understand his ‘art’ before rushing to conclusions.

Jay Rox also noted in the Interview that there is no such thing as bad publicity and public talk has been used as marketing strategy. Listen to full Interview below!