Jay Rox announces Release Date for New Album and talks about the future of Zone fam


Jay Rox has finally announced the release date of his long awaited album Scar.
The distance singer has already released some singles off the album and done some international collaborations for it.

In an Interview with DJ PMC, Jay Rox said the album will drop on 1st March which happens to be his daughter’s birthday. Jay Rox added that after the release of the album he also intends to launch it however the launch of the album will be announced later.
When asked about the future of Zone fam, he said people should get used to embracing the former Zone Fam members individually because they have all grown independently and doing great things.

Jay Rox has promised to launch quite a number of projects for 2020 not just in terms of music but also Fashion wise like his latest sneaker line called “The Rox Edition” and other things as well. Watch full interview below