Jae Cash accused of illegally Sampling Andy P’s Song!


Just when he is celebrating the release of his Sophomore album, Jae Cash has entangled himself into a possible lawsuit. The Apa Ili So Entertainments rapper who dropped his album “Chawama John Howard” has been accused of illegally sampling a song by rapper Andy P.

Earlier today, P-Storm Entertainments which is the record label for “Andy P” issued a statement with the claim. According to the statement, Jae Cash featured on a song called “Ndalama” off “Andy P‘s “Legacy” album and its the same song which Mulla is alleged to have illegally sampled. Jae Cash is accused to have ripped off the Chorus and decided to use a different instrumental and verse.

P-Storm Statement

P-Storm has also disclosed that its considering taking legal action against the rapper for what describes as “Unprofessional Conduct“. The song with allegedly sampled Chorus is called “Ndrama” and it features his labelmate “Dizmo“.