” I’m Human Just Like Everyone Else”, Salma Sky Responds To Haters



After being announced as one of the opening acts for the Stanbic Music Festival featuring Brian McKnight and Joe, Zambian artiste Salma Sky has received so much backlash regarding the same, but what does she have to say about it?

She featured on an episode of Diamond TV’s “On The Table” with Chimweka (which is now up on her Facebook page) talking about 10 years of being in the industry. With the 10 years experience, she revealed in the interview that she has grown thick skin and that’s how she’s managed to be strong amidst such backlash.

Salma also admitted that she is human just like everyone else so certain comments do get her, especially the uncalled-for ones.

She further went to on to add that some negative comments are also objective and she’s come to accept that she is ” not their cup of tea and that’s fine”.

I won’t be be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. Wish I didn’t have to prove people wrong, but I will anyway!”  Salma said to Chimweka in the interview.

In another matter raised in the interview, the “Wonderful World” hitmaker revealed that she does not regret being in the industry because she can’t imagine what else she could have been doing, except being a teacher (something she’s still passionate about).

She added that music enables her to be a teacher in a way through the manner in which she puts out her work.