Hot FM Cuts Off South African Music!

Hot FM Raio Presenter Taffy Bad Boy T & Colleague

Hot FM has announced that it has stopped playing South African music until further notice.
This is as a result of the Xenophobic attacks against Zambians and other Africans going on in South Africa.

In a statement shared on social media the station acknowledged that Africa is one and noted that they will only embrace South African music when South Africa embraces Ubuntu.

They shared this in a post that read; “In light of the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, Hot Fm will cease to play music by South African artists on our airwaves until further notice.

All African nations, whether Frontline states or not, stood by our South African kindred during their time of need, and together we embraced UBUNTU.

Africa is one, and until such a time that our South African counterparts embrace UBUNTU again, our stand will be with all our African brothers being attacked and terrorized in that country…

#SayNoToXenophobia #EmbraceUbuntu #PeaceForAll
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