Exclusive Interview: J.O.B talks about His Transition to Dancehall, Return to HipHop plus more


Jah Mali formerly Known as “J.O.B” has been an outstanding Zambian artiste and producer who stepped into the limelight with his single “Going Higher” released in 2011. After being accepted by fans as a rapper and settling into the Industry, He Switched to Dancehall and later released a dancehall album called “Carte Blanche”.

However last Friday, he announced his comeback to Hardcore HipHop with a single called Mfumu Ya Bwela” (The King Is Back). We decided to pay him a visit at his Recording Studio to find out what he’s been up to and so forth.

Below is the Written Interview and Audio Recording.

Q: You started out as a HipHop artiste of which you made a name of, What led you to Switch to Dancehall?

JOB: Firstly, I didn’t start out as a HipHop artiste, I Started out as Producer, the HipHop and RnB came after. About the dancehall, I am a diverse artiste at least I like to put myself that way. I am not constrained to one particular style, so in a bid to broaden my horizon and to challenge myself, I try this and that. The dancehall is one thing that i have tried and have come to peace with.

Q: Interesting, What about Your fans, have they accepted you in that genre as a dancehall artist? How has progress lately?

JOB: Well, the dancehall has been pretty slowly because people don’t accept change anyhow but the fans loved at it. However, the fans Love the HipHop J.O.B very much, I won’t lie. The watch word is that this new music is International, foreign and not good for the local market.

Q: You have a New HipHop song called “Mfumu Ya Bwela” (The King Is Back) and surprisingly it’s a HipHop song. Are you trying to tell us that you’re back to doing HipHop.

JOB: Well, I never left the Hardcore HipHop genre, I haven’t just released a lot of HipHop songs despite being recorded. I had a conversation online with my fans and asked them what they want and the general consensus was that people miss the old Style and HipHop music. Personally am done with Dancehall, my ego is satisfied, I did what I wanted to do. I have realized that my fans need the old style and am going back to that.

What plans do you have for you fans, obviously your fans would like know what you’re upto?

JOB: Right now we are bringing back JOB, we are doing more shows and Videos. We are bringing back more HipHop and Zambian music that people can relate to (Social Commentary).

Q: Any last words you have for your fans?

JOB: Firstly I would love to thank my fans for the support throughout. Certain people don’t understand what’s happening to me but I would like to tell them that I am a full time musicians. I am into business and other things but they come second to music, I always in the studio. I would like to thank my fans for advice and understanding too.



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