Elijah Lungu |Biography & Profile



Elijah Lungu alias EJ is a Zambian artiste, songwriter and Cinematographer.He was born in 1988 in Livingstone, and is the last born in a family of 3  boys .

He has always been a music enthusiast from a young age that he would ‘Dee Jay‘ at Various events,earning himself the ‘Stage name’ EJ . Together with his brothers they  owned a CD burner at a young age and they thus became go to guys for music. So far he has done songs like Casanova, Shake it like a salt cellar (his recent) and he is set to release his debut  album titled Good vibes Only.

One of the biggest projects he has ever worked on was ‘Ten Ten One music’ project (10101music project) a charity compilation album which was initiated with the goal to help in poverty alleviation. ELIJAH and his team managed to get some of Zambia’s biggest artistes at that time like Slapdee, Maureen Lilanda, Exile, Pompi, Red Linso, Winston Moyo, Roberto among others. This project landed them two ‘Born and Bred Award‘ nominations.

Apart from music, Elijah has shot and produced video content for CNN and The Africa Channel in Hollywood. He is also a social entrepreneur running one of the most successful SAT college prep centers called ZISD . ZISD helps students prepare for their SAT exams so they can get into some of America’s top Universities.

Elijah also holds a diploma in Business Administration and  studied ACCA accountancy at ZCAS.