Editorial: Why BW2 Might Outshine Amnesia


Its Clear Chef 187 ‘s Amnesia album is the most Commercially successful Album in Zambia at the moment. But hold up your excitement if you are a Chef 187 die hard fan because Slapdee‘s Most anticipated BW2 is about to drop. Below are the reasons why we think BW2 will outclass Chef 187’s Amnesia album Commercially. Bear in mind that this article does not compare the lyricism of the two emcees.

Huge Fanbase

Its with no doubt that King Dizo has boasted a very huge fanbase in Zambia and this is the reason behind his several awards. He stands to be the only rapper and Zambian artiste to walk away with 6 awards the same night. This is a record Chef 187 or any other rapper will struggle to break over the years. With that, expect Slapdee’s BW2 to sell more.

Release Date Timing.

BW2 is likely not to face any competition on the market once its out because by then, Amensia would have seized to be on demand. This ultimately gives Slapdee’s Album a chance to shine. Despite the long wait, most XYZ fans and HipHop fans alike are very much anxious about the release of this album.

Experience and Slapdee’s Consistency

Its a known fact that, Slapdee has been dropping classic sand masterpiece albums since his first album. His deep Consistency which was also shown in on his previous award winning album doesn’t need a Sangoma to guess that this album will be legendary. While Chef 187’s Amnesia album remains his most commercially successful album of all time, Slapdee is not new to this.