Editorial: K.R.Y.T.I.C Retired, Who Will Lead New School English Rappers?



Late Last Year,  Krytic who is arguably one the Hottest Emcees Zambia has ever had as far as Rapping in English is concerned Publicly declared his retirement from Music. Krytic has been an outstanding emcee bearing Many Charismata quite enough to regard him as an Emcee. The rapper’s HipHop Prowess range from being a Battle emcee (Paya One S2 Winner) to a Poet among other elements.

Earlier in his career many Zed HipHop followers would recall Tic broke into the limelight under Slapdee’s XYZ in 2009 and later moved to the Copperbelt under So’ Good and the rest is History. Many true HipHop followers would agree with the editor that Tic has been the leader of New HipHop artists in Zambia especially among the many unappreciated English Spitters. His “Let Daddy Zemus Down” became the Zambian version  J-Cole’s Late Nas Down as it spark some influence.

From Featuring into An American spearheaded Underground HipHop Mixtape Compilation which got published on Datpiff, Krytic became the first Zambian HipHop English Rhymer to have his album Nominated for Best HipHop album of Year, the award he lost to Bobby East. In this rap game of endorsements, Krytic has had enjoyed enormous endorsements from fellow rapper with Tiye-P regarding him the only rapper he listens to.

Nonetheless, Krytic gave up the mic sighting lack much need recognition. He might not be everyone’s favorite emcee but he has surely paved way for many new school English rappers and his Skill is still unbeatable. In this New era of Trap HipHop and an ever Increasing number of English rappers on the Zambian HipHop Platform, who do you think will lead the “New School” of Zed HipHop English rappers??

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