Drimz salutes Danny Kaya & Asks for a Feature


Drimz aka Bashi Lota today posted a lengthy Facebook post in which he appreciates the Zambian Music Icon “Danny Kaya“. Drimz takes his time to note the influence and the impact of Danny‘s music on the Local music landscape. He also recalls being inspired by him as he listened to his music during his teenage days up to the time he personally met him (Danny) at his first big show.

This Is One Great Individual, His Influence In The Industry is Unmatched.. He Silently Inspired Me To Be Artist I am Today Just By Listening To His Music And Today I Can Proudly Say Thank You so Much Bashi Niza for Paving The Way, For Being Part Of A Generation That Helped Zambian Music To Take Over From The “Rhumba Generation”.. God bless You With More Life..” reads part of his lengthy post.

Drimz also uses the same opportunity ot jokingly ask for a feature. (Read Full post on his Facebook Page)