COMPILATION: So’ Good Entertainment – “No Breaks & No Brakes Giftbox”


So’ Good Entertainments finally unveils their latest compilation project dubbed “No Breaks & No Brakes Giftbox“. The 16 track project features songs from mostly artists under the label and its management.

“The tape is the true reflection of the Amazing talent within Zambia’s borders. It is a plethora of Rappers and Singers that can hold it down with the best of them from anywhere.”

  1. Gary- Nifuna Weo      DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. The Craft ft Ziyase- More To Life  DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Ziyase- Don’t Worry DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Freshmen ft Jerome Arab- See My Chick DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. Bomb$hell- Mutima Wanga  DOWNLOAD MP3 
  6. Mic ft T-Low & Jae Izzy- Na Mwana DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Killa- Sebenza        DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Chaser ft Drifta Trek & Mumba Yachi- Wemunandi  DOWNLOAD MP3
  9. J-Silva- Clarity                DOWNLOAD MP3
  10. K.R.Y.T.I.C- Art Is Tic                 DOWNLOAD MP3
  11.  Tony Grammz ft Killa- Blessed (Nalipalwa) DOWNLOAD MP3
  12. Phinix ft Naomi- Find A Way            DOWNLOAD MP3
  13. Beyond Limits- Tulumbanye Imfumu    DOWNLOAD MP3
  14. Danny TSG & Zic- Still Unashamed       DOWNLOAD MP3
  15. Destro- Superhuman (Andy Mineo Cover) DOWNLOAD MP3
  16. ProFyle- Dear HipHop           DOWNLOAD MP3
  17. So Good Fan Cypher Part 2 DOWNLOAD MP3



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