Cleo Ice Queen Talks about Her R/ship with Kaladoshas & Iris Kaingu’s Painting



Zambia’s Top Female Rapper and Former Big Brother The Chase Housemate “Cleo Ice Queen” last Tuesday featured on QTV’s Hi-5 Show Hosted by Dj Showstar. While on the show, the rapper gave her opinion on Iris Kaingu‘s Infamous Painting and rumors about Her Boyfriend “Kaladoshas” “Cheating”.

In her own Words, The rapper Doesn’t Agree with What “Iris Kaingu” did but nevertheless she wont “Judge Her“. She acknowledged that People approach the Industry in Different ways and even through publicity stunts like Iris Did. “Having a sextape is not really the end of you, You can do something with yourself to show that,…….. it was a mistake….Cleo Ice Queen Emphasized.

The award winning rap act also Brushed off rumors of her Boyfriend (Kaladoshas) cheating with 12 side Chicks. She also confirmed that the social media speculations about their relationship broke Down “Kaladoshas”..

Watch the 2 Interviews in parts below;

We also talked about the painted lady (Iris Kaingu). Here's what Cleo Ice Queen thinks of her.#Hi5 #ThisIsTV

Posted by Deejay Showstar on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

So on facebook Cleo Ice Queen left Kaladoshas because of the 12 side chicks. What about in real life??? #Hi5 #ThisIsTV

Posted by Deejay Showstar on Monday, October 9, 2017