Cleo Ice Queen Ft Tio Nason- “Dreamers” (Lyrics)



[INTRO: Tio Nason]

Yeah, Its Tio and Cleo

[CHORUS: Tio Nason]

Is there any hope out there                                                                                          Can anybody hear me calling                                                                                      Just a little hope I’ll dare                                                                                          With a pocket full of dreams, I’m soarin                                                                      This is for my dreamers yeah                                                                                       Oh yeah, oh yeah                                                                                                        Oh yeah yeah yeah                                                                                                    Just a little dreamers prayer                                                                                        Oh yeah oh yeah                                                                                                        Oh yeah yeah yeah

[VERSE 1: Cleo Ice Queen]

The flow different

The style different

The DNA is LSK

All dat hating i shut it down

I’m the one day wear my crown

don’t compete with the basic

I been a baddie since way way

In my prime my hey days

New approach to a new dream oh yea

See They be on dat witch hunt.. (oh mehn)

They don’t want dat truth hun

Every stone they threw at me

Use that as my building block

On the throne of to my legacy

got a young King and he ICEY

Ruthless like a storm

Blueprint den I’m gone

My hustle man it dun grown.

Don’t dwell on shit for too long

Cuz ouchea we just stackin up… on those good vibes, clear blue skies

I be in it I’m beyond it

Talk is cheap and I never bought it

I gat dreams of having bags!!!!

In different area codes

Gods time

God plan

That’s the area code

All day all night

I be feeling alright

I wanna live forever

I pray to God for more life

[CHORUS: Tio Nason]

[VERSE 2: Cleo Ice Queen]

It was all a dream

Started with big dreams

Started with a lil hope

Ended up with the cream

do better, be better

the world will try to break you

Take a look in the mirror

Don’t you dare let em change you

This is for my people hustling round the corner

This for every single mother raising up the daughters

Working hard everyday just to stay alive

Live in the moment but praying to see better times

You with dat bad energy get out the way yo!!!

tell dat I’m boss cause shit move when I say so

money comin in comin in and we stay blowin

Dey say Issa Queen Issa King you the main show

Fresh like dat

Secure ya bag

See you pull up in dat Jag

everybody on her team… grindin, winning.. it’s a fact

International airports

Saucy on dat billboard

No time for no toy boys

My purse now got big coins

[CHORUS: Tio Nason]