Cinoxi Xo |Biography & Profile


Cinori Xo is a Zambian HipHop/ rap artist born as “Augiste Joseph Chilonda Kayembe” also known as “The Mayor Of Lusaka”. Cinori Xo was born in Lusaka, Zambia then later moved to Pennysilvania where he grew up in a city called Pittsburgh then later in 2012 he came back to Zambia.

Growing up he used to be a dancer and participated in various activities sports, drama, debate and rap cyphers. These gave him opportunities to perform in front of crowds at school and regular local talent event called “street culture” it was from here that his desire to do music was born. After finishing his higher secondary education at Timberland international school, in 2016 Cinori Xo got a chance to jump start his music career and this was the start the “Mayor of Lusaka” in the Zambian music scene. That year he released a number of singles independently then later released his first studio EP/ Mixtape which was titled Average Joe, the following year he released his second studio ep. The “Average Joe” EP had singles like “Get paid” ft Uncle Rex, “The boy” ft Jaysince4eva and Drille drill,4you” ft Tumay, “My city”, “Medusa” among other great songs.

His first official single Get paid ft Uncle Rex earned him numerous top Charts positions on different local Radio stations. He attracted attention from legends, mega stars and got co-signs and cameo invites from major industry established acts in the mainstream scene from etc. Later in 2018 he dropped another hit titled participate which features Hip Hop heavy weight Chef 187. The song helped Cinori Xo earn his 5th nomination in the “Komboni Radio Music Awards.” He has also featured on a number of great projects and worked with some big names in the Zambian music scene these include Cleo Ice Queen, Bomb shell, Kaladoshas, Daev, VJeezy, Kantu, Chef 187, Charlie Bravo, Koby, Drifta Trek, Dope boys, Bow Chase, Jorzi etc. Cinori Xo also features on Chef 187’s 4th studio album titled “Bon appetit“.

Cinori Xo is now working on his first studio album titled ‘Frozen Chainz’ and is currently signed with Milvia Entertainment and is Now founder & CEO of a music company called ‘Gorilla Music’.