Chile One, Yo Maps & Mordecaii Lose Significant Views


In what has been termed as a race for 1Million YouTube Views, Zambian artistes Chile One, Mordecaii and Yo Maps have lost a huge number of YouTube views before they could reach the target. The acts who released their latest music videos for Nga Teba Yahweh by Yo Maps, Far Away by Mordecaii and So Chabe by Chile One late last week sparked a competition about who would amass the most streams.

Despite fellow artists like Triple M, Chester and Vinchenzo joining the competition, they couldn’t beat the other 3 Frontliners. Triple M dropped the video for Zakwempa, Vinchenzo released My Favorite (music video) and Chester dropped the video for Fyalungula.

However, Mordecaii, Chile One and Yo Maps have suffered a significant drop in their YouTube views despite nearing 1Million views within 3 and 4 days of release. As observed by our staffer, Yo Maps’s video dropped from 970K to almost 900K between the 30th March and 1st April while Mordecaii went from 850K to nearly 700K during the same period. On the other hand, Chile One who was at 863K on 31st April has dropped to 670K on 3rd April.

YouTube which is a subsidiary of Google Inc is believed to have been using A.I algorithm in order to flush fake views. However, its not yet established if this is the case or maybe its just a technical glitch.