Chile babie||Biography & Profile


Exhilda Chileshe Ngosa known professionally as Chile babie is a Zambia singer and song writer. She was was born in Kafue Shikoswe in a family of nine were she is the fifth child. Chile and her siblings were raised by a single mother because they lost their father when they were all still young. She was raised in Kafue but Currently based in Germany.
She started singing from a young age in Sunday school then later joined the main church choir in the United Church of Zambia Kafue.

In 2019 she started writing her own songs with the desire to pursue a career in music she drew major inspirations from artists like Mampi and Macky 2. She attended a concert in Kafue were Macky 2 was performing and it was from there that she had the desire to write her own music and work with him.
The first song she released was called  “Baby Iwe” , she then early this year went on to release “Grateful to be alive”  which features Macky 2,she went further to release ‘True love” which features Bobby East, then her fourth song was “Deeper in love”  featuring Blacky and her latest song is “Take me higher”  which features Yo Maps.

Apart from music Chile is a nurse in Germany working at well reputable hospital. She has done courses in preschool teaching and nursing She aspires to work with Mampi and Chef 187 in the near future.