Is The Child Really Macky 2’s??


Like they all say, Truth Hurts and when someone is hurt they react to all actions that is posed on them but what matters is how you react. Recently we heard of stories from almost all corners of Social Media saying Macky 2 is facing marriage problems where not having a child or not being able to make one was the issue. And some even concluded that his Darling wedded wife has left him for that. Honestly me being a media observer I expected a rude reaction from our celebrity Macky 2.

And a number of analyst where always visiting his social media accounts almost every second hoping to read something from him concerning the issue which was at hand, including all Zambian bloggers. I must also admit being one among those. But to our surprise he proved us wrong. By just keeping quiet and acting like none of those stories where reaching to him. Instead he took those stories which were speculating as questions from people wanting to know whether he has a child and if yes with who, where and when. Sharing pictures of him and the child not forgetting his wife “Mrs Hantinga Kaira was the only answer he decided to give.

That’s what I call media maturity. His actions lessened the powers of those stories. I must say that I personally am proud of him on how he managed to come out clean from that media attack on him. He proved his points which he mainly talks about in his songs example forgive them and other songs. To me I take every person who stands on what he or she preaches as a brave individual.

Macky 2 is among those I count as such. Congratulations Macky 2 for now. But I don’t know how he is going to take this other story which has just started building its self from nowhere saying that the child Macky 2 is showing off is not his neither does it belong to his wife Mr. Haantinga nor related to any of them. At the moment no statement has been made by our celebrity couple…..

The question is will they maintain their silence and speak through actions ? If that’s the way they will play it then what actions do they have to show.