During an up-close Interview with Vodaphone’s JUMP, Kondwani Kaira or better Known as Chef 187 took time to address the concept behind “Amnesia” his previous studio album.

“I’m at appoint in life where I still have so much to do, I still have big dreams and aspirations,. However, I’ve also come to realize that the little success I’ve had over the past years can easily distract me from achieving my ultimate goals. So, this album was themed around the concept of encouraging young people to have amnesia on any success they might have had thus far and work as though they have zero to their name” the rapper explained in regard the album title. Amnesia is a medical term which simply means Partial or Complete loss of memory.

When asked if he had any favourite song on the project, Chef 187 explained that he doesn’t have any favourite song considering that he writes and pins down every point. Above all, Chef 187 says he is also looking for International recognition in the near future.

When asked about how he feels to have Macky 2 as a brother, the emcee stated that it actually works to the duo’s advantaged because they (Him and Macky 2) are able to push their careers strategically.

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