Chef 187 and Muzo Reunite?


Remember the days of ”Filye Fibemba twamipile ni dyonko”? Well, they could be coming back real soon. The only man that could possibily make it happen is Mubanga Bornfire Mulilo. The real estate owner, also Muzo’s manager, has been actively involved in music of recent,and has been credited for bringing back Muzo to the limelight. On  Wingonawila Ka Day ft Bow Chase,one of the new songs added to the Bon Appetit Chefy can be heard giving a shout-out to ”Mubanga Bornfire” like Muzo has been doing in his recent songs. With Mr Bornfire executively producing Muzo’s album,one would not be surprised to have a Muzo ft Chef 187 produced by Jazzy Boy who they have been working with of late.Fingers crossed!

Video of Muzo and his Mubanga Bornfire below: