Chanda Na Kay’s manager cautions people on impostor accounts

Celebrated Copperbelt duo Chanda Na Kay‘s manager Jerahyo has warned people to be cautious with fake Chanda na Kay accounts on social media. Speaking in an interview with DJ PMC, Jerayo said him and the team have been receiving calls from people who claim to have sent money to Facebook accounts under Chanda Na Kay‘s name for features.
He said the rate at which people are creating catfish accounts is alarming therefore people should be careful before sending money to any account with the Duo’s names. He further said they (Chanda Na Kay) go live at least five times a week on their real accounts so if anyone is following a page where they have never seen the duo go live then it’s a fake account.
Speaking in the same interview Jerahyo advised people to be punctual for the Kopala experience saying Chanda Na Kay‘s entrance will be epic and memorable no one would want to miss it. Watch the Interview below!