Camstar Regrets Signing With Kopala Swag On “My Life”



HipHop royalty and former Alpha Entertainments act “Camstar” has a new record which is already spinning social media buzz. The song is called “My Life” and it features singer “Jorzi” on the Hook with production laced by “Lord Aku”.

On the song which has been released under XYZ Entertainments,Camstar” has a series of regrets to make pertaining his music career. The rapper regrets leaving “Diamond Chains” and signing with Macky 2’s “Alpha Entertainments” label and “Kopala Swag” as a crew.

Maybe I should never left Diamond Chains. Maybe I should have never joined Kopala Swag, my style changed so much, I Started sounding like Chef 187 rapping in English…Capital C raps.

This becomes his second single released under XYZ Entertainments and with “Dj H-Mac” backing his career, Camstar might just revamp his career. Download song Here