Bobby East says His Album “Vanilla” Went Gold in 2 Days



Bobby East finally released his much anticipated sophomore album “Vanilla”  after more than one year of production and perfection. The Afro Pop and rap fused album saw the light of the day on 7th December, 2018 and the rapper already says his album went Gold in 2days. Which numerically means he has sold at least 4000 album units so far?

Zambia currently does not have a Music Record Certification platform and hence it’s impossible to verify the claim. The news was however shared by Bobby East himself on his Facebook page yesterday. Few months ago, Macky 2 also took it to Instagram Live to claim his album sold over 8000 units which is equivalent to a “Platinum Status.”

Nonetheless, “Vanilla” seems to have a positive reception from fans and many music lovers with many regarding it as worth the wait. The 14 track body of work is currently being sold in Physical Copies form at only K100 and the XYZ CEO is also personally delivering copies and signing them. This can be termed as a good marketing strategy by the XYZ Camp.

If the numbers are true, Bobby East has reached his target of selling a thousand copies in the first week and actually still counting.