Bobby East Reportedly Contemplating on Responding to JOB, SmaQ & Lj Mojo



Rapper Roberto Chunga Popularly known as Bobby East has been trending in the industry this year with a number of diss tracks aimed at him. The XYZ Entertainments CEO who has been dissed by “SmaQ” and “Lj Mojo” for name dropping them on songs in the past recently received a directive song from his Longtime collaborator and friend “J.O.B” called “Dear Brother”.

Despite ignoring the previous diss songs by SmaQ and Lj Mojo it seems there is pressure mounting on the XYZ label management and the rapper is contemplating a song reply. According to our source, H-Mac seems to have a hard time giving Bobby East a go ahead to address everything on a song especially after the release of “Dear Brother” which has seen many of his fans take J.O.B’s side.

Bobby East is also reported to have written lyrics for a reply diss track to LJ Mojo’s “Deadline Freestyle but H-Mac wouldn’t let him record and release it. Despite issuing a reply via Twitter and publicly assuring J.O.B that he still loves him, it seems that wasn’t enough as many fans want to hear his side of the story.

The “Versace Shirt” has been absconding from replying to shots fired at him by other rappers despite igniting the feud in the first place. Late last year, Bobby East has beef with Alpha Romeo who hit him back on “Edgar Lungu” but the rapper decided to ignore.