Bobby East and Macky 2 address Muzo, K-Dash & SmaQ on “I Forgive You”



Bobby East finally dropped his much anticipated sophomore album “Vanilla” on 7th December and the project has since become the talk of the moment. One track which has caught our attention and definitely everybody else’s is track 6 titled “I Forgive You”. The joint features Macky 2 and the duo decided to pour out their hearts and throw daggers at named artists and producer.

On the record which basically talks about burying the hatchet, Bobby East digs deeper into his friendship with his longtime collaborator and producer “K-Dash“. The rapper discloses how K-Dash helped him compose his smash hit “Hatemail” and put him back in the game. However, their friendship became sour after K-Dash started accusing him (Bobby East) of selfishly squandering royalties and money alone. In fact, Bobby East name drops K-Dash‘s friend “Truth” who is believed to have perpetrated the lies at that time.

Bobby East further throws a jab at his Childhood friend and now rival “SmaQ“.

Yo Stash will tell you I forgave everyone, that has ever beefed with me mahn, but SmaQ that nigga got no Excuse….Bobby East emphasizes on the song.

Macky 2 on the other decided to aim at Muzo AKA Alphonso who has been taking shots at him severally on songs. The Kopala Swag rapper addresses Muzo AKA Alphonso‘s claims of having an affair with his wife Haantinga”. He however says he has forgiven him despite everything.

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