Blake Drops Receipts after Yo Maps denies he co-wrote ‘Aweah’


Yo Maps’ latest banger “Aweah” today hit 4 Millions views on YouTube after just 3days of its release becoming the first Zambian song to hit the mark at such a faster rate. However, the good news couldn’t be celebrated without drama fueling in.

Singer Blake earlier today claimed he co-wrote the song when he was responding to Yo Maps‘ manager Dj Kandeke who denied the claim. The claim was also publicly refuted by Yo Maps who further went on to state Blake was just witnessing the recording session and never had any input.

This prompted Blake to post WhatsApp screenshots of their chats leading up to the release of the song. According to screenshots, it was actually Yo Maps who approached Blake for a song writing joint effort to which the later agreed. According to the Chat, Yo Maps also suggested he would share royalties with him.


However, Blake claims Yo Maps stopped responding to his messages after the song was dropped and couldn’t fulfil his end of the deal.


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