Biography: “Esther Chungu”

Photo Credit: Ryan Banda Photography


Esther Chungu Mubanga is a Zambian recording and performing Gospel artist born on the 3rd of April 1994, born to Evaristo Chungu Mubanga and Susan Abigail Nafumkwe, she is a first born in a family of 3 were she has 2 brothers.

Photo Credit: Ryan Banda Photography

Esther grew up in Lusaka, where she attended her primary education at Eagle’s Nest, junior secondary at St. Monicas and senior secondary at Matero Girls high school. She has always been artistic and a fan of music from a young age, during her school days she participated in various artistic activities which in turn unveiled the artistic passion in her. Aside from that she also performed for her friends and family who advised her to make her music professional.

When she was 18 a friend of hers introduced her to Bitter sweet poetry and it was there that she realized she was in love with the stage and ministering to people about God through music. What drew her passion was the love she has for people combined with the love she has for music. She also drew her inspiration from her mum who used to sing in the church praise team.

Photo Credit: Ryan Banda Photography

Some of the major highlights in her career include representing Zambia in Burundi at a festival, performing at this year’s Stanbic Music festival.

In 2014 Esther was awarded best new female artist by Retunes. Last year she was nominated for the Kwacha Music awards in 3 categories: Best new artist, Best gospel single for Runaway child and Best album of the year for the album Mubanga.

Esther Chungu became more than an house hold name after the release of her single Shooting star, in 2016 she released her first debut album titled Mubanga. The singer is also behind hits like Run away child, Jehovah, Number one and many others.

Aside from being an artist she is a Children’s rights activist and she does hair business.