Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman, Meet Video Director Lo’s Secret Weapon


It has been known that Lo (fka DjLo) has been behind a lot of great music videos in the country in the past years. But what most people might not know is that gospel artist Olivia, his wife, is the Production Manager behind most of them.

Olivia, who you might know from her international hit single “Imagine” that featured Pompi, had gone quiet from the music scene the last couple of years. She recently  posted a video on her Facebook page explaining how she had to focus her energies on being a wife to Lo and later on being a mother. But despite these new responsibilities, Olivia had taken on the role of Production Manager at Reel Studios and is actually behind most of the great music videos that we’ve seen directed by Lo in the last two years. Apart from music, Olivia has a career in production.

Olivia also opened up about how she had recently been in studio and is set to release her come back EP on Saturday the 26th of December 2020. The project is said to feature Malawian artist Shammah Vocals and Zambia’s super rap artist – Timfka Thugga and will be available on Mvesesani and all major streaming platforms


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