B1 Cries Out: “Upcoming artists Claim I steal their songs”


Afro-Pop artiste B1 recently posted a statement on Facebook alleging that a certain upcoming artist claims he stole the Idea for his latest song titled “Show Me Your Money”. Actually according to B1, this isn’t the first such an accident has occurred as it has been the case with all his previous Hit songs.

Below is his Facebook status;

Funny everytime I put out a song,some attention seeking lazy parasite whose song I have never heard and never met goes on social media to claim it as his and that I stole it from him.First it was perfecto,village girl,pillow and now”show me your money”.Having been an upcoming artist for nearly 10 years myself I understand the hustle and challenges involved but claiming songs for other artists is surely not going to help.I have written most of my songs if not all and “show me your money” was written by myself with kekero.yaba tuma artists twinangu che..# get a lyf…………….