Artiste’s Publicity Stunt Goes Wrong!


Copperbelt artist Harry Ho3 was behind some chat screenshot that were making rounds on social media this week. Unfortunately the posts that depicted him and his girlfriend in an argument received backlash from the girl’s family and her real boyfriend who were unaware of the stunt.

Harry Ho3, who is signed to Xplode+ was using the elaborate stunt to promote his label debut titled “Ikonomy” that was getting released today Friday the 11th.

Harry’s management claims that after the posts went viral and found themselves on some family member’s timelines, explanations were demanded for. The girl’s boyfriend was equally not pleased. It took some days to calm down the situation and get everyone on the same page but the matter seems to have been resolved.

The girl who modeled for the photoshoot and depicted as Harry’s love interest is in-fact not in a relationship with Harry.

The song is now available on all streaming platforms and on it Harry continues complaining about the “Ikonomy”. Listen to it here


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